Attorneys at Warten, Fisher & Lee have experience in litigation including general civil and personal injury litigation, medical malpractice defense, property, contract, and trust and estate disputes.


Our attorneys are well versed in Real Estate law and can assist you regarding contracts for the sale or purchase of real estate, property disputes, easements, and restrictions on land use.


Everyone has an estate. Our attorneys can help you in setting up an estate plan that meets your specific needs to ensure your estate can be handled efficiently, consistent with your desires, and avoid probate of the estate. Our attorneys will walk you through the planning process to make sure your assets are designated properly and help you set up the best plan for your needs--including plans from simple Wills, Durable Powers of Attorney, Family Trusts and more sophisticated Trust plans to reduce estate taxes and protect your assets.


Warten, Fisher & Lee represents multiple cities, villages, and other taxing entities in Missouri, including serving as prosecutor for many of those same municipalities.


Probate is the judicial process of administering an estate. It can be proving a Last Will and Testament or a guardianship and conservatorship established over an individual. Whatever the probate need is our attorneys can help you.


Warten, Fisher & Lee represents multiple business clients to help them obtain judgments on monies owed and then collect on those judgments.


Contracts are a part of almost everything we do--buying, renting, services, estates, business, and even marriage--all these things can often involve an agreement between multiple parties. The attorneys at Warten, Fisher & Lee can help you draft a contract for your needs or understand the contract given to you by someone else.


There are a number of different business entities that can be used to organize a business. Our attorneys can help you choose the entity that best fits your business's legal needs and matches up with your business purpose. Protecting owners, officers, shareholders, partners, and members is one important aspect of creating a new entity. Whether it’s a partnership, limited liability company or a corporation we can help you get started or make changes to your existing business organization.


Our clients can count on our Commercial Litigation team to manage the legal framework to protect our clients' interests. When our lawyers are involved in a case, we help our clients successfully resolve matters as quickly and efficiently as possible.



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